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We use only the highest quality materials, and many of our items are sterling silver. Silver will have some natural tarnishing that occurs. Each order is shipped with a small polishing pad (if you did not receive one, please contact us). This pad should take care of any tarnishing that occurs, especially if you take care of it regularly.

Here are some other tips for caring for your jewelry: - Store your sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dry, dark place. Silver tarnish has a way of sneaking up on you, especially if you live in a very humid climate. - Avoid leaving sterling silver in humid areas such as the bathroom. Swimming and bathing could cause permanent damage to your jewelry as well as contact with chemicals (such as fumes from bleach, etc), cosmetics, perfume, lotions and hairspray.


Hand Stamped jewelry is created one letter at a time completely by hand, and therefore the letters may not line up perfectly. This adds to the character, beauty, and unique nature of each piece. No two pieces will look exactly the same and may vary slightly from the product photo. In addition, because of the way hand stamped pieces are created, using metal tools and force to create the imprint, the back of the piece may not look perfect. This is to be expected as well.


Our jewelry is all custom-made just for you, and because of this we charge for the item as soon as the order is placed and before we will begin work on your personalized piece.


Pewter jewelry has the sleek look of silver, the soft feel of gold and a personality all its own. Unlike other metals, pewter doesn't tarnish but instead oxidizes into a deeper shade. Many people love the antiquated look this dark patina provides, but some prefer to keep their jewelry in the condition and shade it originally came with. All it takes to keep pewter jewelry looking fabulous is a little bit of time and care.

It may look tough, but pewter is a soft metal that's easily bent, scratched and broken. Proper storage protects it from mishap.

Clean your jewelry. If you've been sweating during the heat of summer or your jewelry has been sitting in storage for a year or more, it could probably use cleaning. To clean pewter jewelry, rub it down with nonabrasive dish soap and water and then immediately dry it thoroughly.


Please feel free to contact us through our Online Contact Form with any special order inquiries. Many of our items can be adjusted and personalized for you. We are happy to answer any questions you have.


In each item description, there is an approximate production time estimate. Please refer to these, as these production times are different depending on the item. If you still have a question about when your item will ship after you have referred to the production time estimate in the item description, please feel free to contact us.


Yes, please contact us if you ordered the a chain that is not the right size and we are happy to help. There may be an additional charge for a longer chain. We will ask you to return the original chain to us, and ONCE WE RECEIVE the chain, we will ship out your new chain.


Unless it is specifically stated in the item description and the option is given, we CANNOT add text to the back of your item.